Tuesday January 30 2018, 10 – 4pm, The Cut Arts Centre, Halesworth, Suffolk

A day in which your own emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing becomes centre stage. Ian summarises the core purpose of this course as follows: “Heads and deputies rarely get an opportunity to take time out, away from the daily intensity of leadership, to focus on their own emotional and psychological wellbeing. Frequently leaders only take action to look after themselves when in crisis and the impact on their school, family and friends is substantial. This day allows senior leaders to access a safe, confidential space with expert input and support to review their experience and aspirations both personally and professionally. The outcome of the day is to enable the attendees to develop a practical personalised plan to renew and sustain their sources of passion and purpose as a leader and unique human being. The learning on the day is supported through follow up support and advice from the course leader so that there is lasting benefit both for the senior leader and for the organisation they lead”.

Cost is for the day is £40. Lunch can be ordered from the centre café for very modest cost and home cooked snacks and drinks are available all day. Details from: ian@flintoffaffirm.co.uk