Every element is bespoke, discussed, created with you and driven by the needs of your own organisation. The examples below show the type of services that can be offered.

East Anglia Staff training

  • Managing stress and developing resilience at work – flourishing in times of change and challenge
  • Identifying and using signature strengths at work – a new approach to recruitment, to workforce development and leadership
  • Using the techniques of Positive Psychology to promote staff well-being
  • An introduction to mindfulness meditation and its benefits to staff
  • Introducing, developing and sustaining a coaching culture in the organisation

Leadership Development including support for schools

  • Developing your leaders using a strengths based approach to boost engagement and performance
  • Building emotional strength and resilience in your team
  • External advisor role for Headteacher performance reviews
  • Consultancy support for Headteachers and Senior Leadership Teams
  • Leading staff through change and challenging times
  • Performance management using a strengths approach
  • Developing positive organisations – create a culture of positivity, energy and empowerment


Appreciative one – to –one coaching model and individual strengths assessment using Strengthscope® assessment tools to assist any of the following:-

  • Headteachers seeking to maximise their unique contribution to their school and community
  • Leaders new to role and seeking a clear understanding of what their unique contribution is to the organisation
  • Leaders seeking a strengths approach to professional development, performance management and to the development of the teams they lead
  • Staff undergoing job change and seeking clarification of their signature strengths and future direction
  • Staff that are struggling to find what their contribution might be or that need to be refreshed in their role
  • Staff needing to find ways of improving their performance

Tailored advice and support for organisation leaders

A package of support delivered to meet the precise needs of the organization which could include a range of the above services.

From £35Per Hour
  • Consultancy to schools, teams, business.
  • Plus Travel 40p per mile.
  • Introductory discussion with leaders and relevant staff on the needs of the organisation; introduction to an appreciative/strengths - based approach to working; agreed plan which may include strengths - based assessment, training, coaching, and advice with a specific timescale and goals.
From £2001/2 Day
Workshops & Training
  • Plus Travel 40p per mile.
  • Interactive sessions which provide a balance of cutting - edge insights and research and practical skills and techniques to apply to a role or workplace. All participants receive a booklet of material from the course and key links and references. Training can be done over a series of sessions or in half or full day blocks.
£35 Per Hour
  • Plus Travel 40p per mile.
  • Setting up and using the Strengthscope assessment tool to identify strengths either individually or with a 360 degree element from your colleagues. One- to -one coaching over a number of one hour sessions and with a focus agreed during session 1 or 2. This can be used as part of a training plan or induction plan for staff new to role, as part of a Headteacher Performance Review or for a team training/development focus. Sessions may include bespoke materials to support coaching.
'Each person's greatest room for growth is in the areas of his or her greatest strength.'
Donald O. Clifton, Now, Discover Your StrengthsQuotes