1 in 5

UK adults found it difficult to adjust to retirement, and 56% didn’t do anything to prepare


Of those who wanted more support to help them prepare for retirement,


wanted advice on how it would affect them emotionally

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Centre For Ageing Better (TILL Insight Report 2017)

“Surf the waves”

A unique new course in February 2018 for those contemplating retirement – a 2017 report from The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Centre for Ageing Better found that the emotional and psychological challenges of retirement were rarely considered in most organisational training and advice for staff approaching retirement. Affirm Consulting now offer a course which covers an honest appraisal of the fears, worries and concerns of individuals approaching this major life change, explores the unique character strengths which the person can draw on to manage this transition and provides a host of practical tools, techniques and insights based on the new science of applied positive psychology. This new course based at a centre in north Suffolk provides a peer group for ongoing support and individualised guidance from Affirm staff following the training sessions.

For more information about how your staff might access this support please contact The Director, Ian Flintoff ian@flintoffaffirm.co.uk